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Celebrate life every day, by bringing a touch of gourmet into it! Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a one stop website that helps you do just that!

Source inventive, modern food made from sustainable, local produce from The Wagabond Chefs.
Based out of Pune, they are sure to cater to your every need!

Looking for a getaway close to Pune, India? Try a Gourmet Picnic at The Land! A unique heritage property in the hills, where gourmet food is served in the rustic outdoors!

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We are creating a range of preservative free, natural, homemade products to help you fix healthy gourmet for every meal! Coming soon!
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About Us

Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a way to live and eat better! When food is made from carefully selected, natural ingredients, it tastes better – and better eating leads to better living! Evolving since October 2013, Slyly Simple Gourmet Life represents a number of ways to bring gourmet food to your table. A decade long career as an engineer in a corporate environment gave Surabhi Ganguly opportunity and experience to travel the world and sample different lifestyles. Her love for food resulted in experiments with flavours and ingredients, and she particularly enjoyed creating honest flavours from natural ingredients. Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a passionate


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