Slyly Simple Gourmet Life

Slyly Simple

At Slyly Simple we follow our dream to live each day in good taste.
Evolving since 2013, we are on a continuous mission to bring a gourmet twist to every meal. Along the way we’ve discovered newer dimensions of food, from rolling fresh pasta, growing ingredients, travelling to farms across Italy, to finding the best cooking partners to dish out inventive meals – our journey has indeed been a quest to live the gourmet life, simply and slyly!

About Us

Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a way to live and eat better! When food is made from carefully selected, natural ingredients, it tastes better – and better eating leads to better living! Evolving since October 2013, Slyly Simple Gourmet Life represents a number of ways to bring gourmet food to your table. A decade long career as an engineer in a corporate environment gave Surabhi Ganguly opportunity and experience to travel the world and sample different lifestyles. Her love for food resulted in experiments with flavours and ingredients, and she particularly enjoyed creating honest flavours from natural ingredients. Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a passionate