So yesterday this cropped up in suggested news to read. package-for-lpu-agriculture-student/articleshow/68715851.cms I immediately clicked the link to see what Monsanto was up to now! I finished reading the article and tried to gather my thoughts. My emotions ranged from anger to disgust to worry. For an unassuming, unknowing young girl, this seemed like a dream come true. For her family this must have been everything they had ever hoped for. For Monsanto though, to me, this seemed like one big leap towards scheming their way into the country, again. Something they have been desperately trying to do on repetitive occasions illegally and legally. What…more


On Sunday, after we wrapped up the market, between conversations of how to spread the word and get more people to visit so that we can really create an impact and bring change in Pune, both of us decided to go visit another market. This one was associated with a mall, and we are always skeptical about such associations. Let’s face it, a mall isn’t the most sustainable space around! But a champion in the field of upcycling had once made a valid point, she said when you are in the mall you get to influence people who normally may not even think about sustainability…more