This meal is actually inspired by the Burmese Khao Suey, where a thick gravy is poured over a nice mix of noodles and toppings. I wished to create a thick vegetarian broth that could be poured over a pretty bowl of crunchy vegetables, such that each mouthful had a distinct flavour with the broth holding it all together. This meal possibly tastes best at room temperature, or even a tad cold – which is what makes it an amazing summer meal. Ingredients1 broccoli, cut into small florest. Chop up the stem separately to make use in the broth. 4-5 pieces of sundried tomatoes 1/4 shavings…more


For anyone who has had the infamous dill curry, that is made by cooking dill as one would do spinach or methi in an Indian style, the instant reaction towards this dainty herb is utter disgust. It is a dense, rather revolting dish where the flavour is too strong and bitter and the leaves are limp and in a dense mass. Every bite is painful, and I also had a strong aversion to this vegetable until I realised that it ought to be used the right way – as a herb! Ever since I have rather enjoyed having a pot of dill in my balcony,…more


Being ill is the worst thing that could happen, even if it is just a little sniffle. I lose the energy to cook for myself and get into a funk about how the world isn’t behaving the way it should (it should be waiting at my beck and call, bringing me all the food I crave). I lose a lot of energy and barely end up cooking, the kitchen larder slowly goes bare, and I have to really use my imagination to create meals out of close to nothing! Endless cups of tea help the mood for certain, and this is one of the few…more