It has been too hot to stand near the stove for too long, and this means there is the real danger of falling back on instant meals and junk food! I realised my eating patterns were going awry and decided to make sure my fridge is stocked with some nutrition packed hummus, so I can get easy, instant meals without making it unhealthy! Ingredients 1 cup black eyed peas, soaked overnight and then boiled in salted water, retain the water 1 cup fresh fenugreek or methi, blanched 3-4 cloves garlic 1-2 green chillies salt 50-60ml olive oil MethodPut the methi into a food processor, and…more


This is my morning saviour when I am craving a breakfast spread but have neither the energy to step out to get it, nor a reasonable list of ingredients in my home. I mix together the different flours that I find in my pantry to make this batter, so the composition of the batter could vary from one day to the next. Once I figured out the right consistency, this works best with gut feel rather than with measures – and pancake fillings are equally easy to make up too! Ingredients4 tablespoons finger millet flour (nachni or raagi flour) 2 tablespoons jowar flour (sorghum) 2…more