A Wagabond Trail into Goa

We must have discussed the idea a couple of times - driving down to Goa for a hands on course on the art of sourdough bread from the very entertaining Sujit Sumitran. We also though this would be a great experience to look up on Rosie and Peter, and see for ourselves if the beautiful pictures they put up on their Instagram feed do any justice to the food forest they have created around their home.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for this idle idea to turn to reality, and we found ourselves tripping towards Goa in my reliable Skoda Fabia (which I absolutely love, by the way). A quick drive from Pune, we were in Goa in 8 hours, and prepped ourselves to a weekend focussed on the discovery of food.

We spent half a day with Peter in Assagao, with a personal tour of his beautiful forest - yes, when seen first hand, we were completely spellbound and it took us some time before we could even find words to have a normal conversation. A little bit of land, between vast stretches of paddy fields, which was once an old construction site, is now this verdant, lush forest made up entirely of edible plants! From herbs to vegetables to fruits to plants of medicinal value, we followed a tiny path between the branches and leaves, and treated ourselves to little nibbles of fruits and leaves even as we enquired about all the different varieties before us.
We spent much longer than we planned, for conversations about food, nature and sustainability is among our favourite topics and to be able to do this in a laid-back Goan village was quite a treat. This was so quintessential Goa - a relaxed morning in the outdoors, having a pleasant chat about food, animals, birds and bees (only literally).

The next day was our day of baking and breaking bread with Sujit Sumitran in Penha de Franca, with four other bakers from all over the place. Between all the fun and laughter, we did end up baking some incredible bread, even using their homemade wood fired oven that was built in their backyard. We learnt about the intricacies of sourdough, even had a quick math session on bakers math, and each of us went home with a beautiful loaf that we made ourselves.
The biggest highlight was the wonderful food that was whipped up by Sudha, which went beautifully with bread of course, and the most laughs must have been over the customary "nautanki dance" which seems to be part of the tradition of ever bread course.

Many laughs, meals and experiences later, we must say that our Wagabonding trip to Goa was certainly full of lasting impressions. We will keep you posted when we do the next one!