Why Think (S)Mall When You Think Organic?

On Sunday, after we wrapped up the market, between conversations of how to spread the word and get more people to visit so that we can really create an impact and bring change in Pune, both of us decided to go visit another market.

This one was associated with a mall, and we are always skeptical about such associations. Let’s face it, a mall isn’t the most sustainable space around! But a champion in the field of upcycling had once made a valid point, she said when you are in the mall you get to influence people who normally may not even think about sustainability and responsible living. So being in a mall while it’s against every grain in our bodies, does suddenly make a certain amount of sense.
When we set out to create The Market, we wanted to build a community that would support each other and spread awareness regarding how we need to really look at the way we live if we want this planet to continue to be our home. So more the markets that support this movement, the better!
We were skeptical but hopeful…hoping to meet interesting vendors doing interesting and inspiring work.
We walked around, chatted with many vendors who had been with us at our Market in the morning, chatted with new ones, until we reached a stall that just got us very upset.

Coconut water in a plastic bottle.

There was a video recently that went very viral, of the inspiring Vandana Shiva, talking about how our biggest battle is against our very own stupidity.
The coconut is an amazing fruit, that gives us everything that you can actually sustain human life on! Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut flesh, coconut oil, coconut flour, dry coconut, desiccated coconut, coconut butter,coconut vinegar and even toddy(not needed for sustaining, normally!).
The other amazing thing about the way nature has designed a coconut, is how it self preserves the water inside its shell. Even after it has been harvested off the tree, the water inside stays absolutely intact until it has been pierced through for a decent amount of time. When nature provides you with its own biodegradable bottle, what kind of stupidity leads you to pull this coconut water out and put it into a PLASTIC bottle??? Especially in a country where coconut trees are in abundance!!
As if we don’t have enough plastic to deal with already.


Secondly there are so many people who make their living by selling absolutely fresh tender coconut water sliced right in front of you, that it has to be stupidity that makes you think that you can triple the price and steal jobs of the poor and put coconut water into plastic packaging!

Utterly disappointed, we left, shaking our heads.
How can you be sustainable, responsible, conscious and organic if these things don’t glare back at you.
We realized what a mountain we have to climb and what a task it is going to be to ask people to simply open their eyes and walk away from this kind of stupidity that is killing our planet, the only home we have.
But we will climb that mountain. We will hold hands with the ones that have the same vision. We will endure, and will keep doing what we believe in. To protect our home.