Losing Simplicity – for what exactly?

Its strange how things change within what seems to be a very short time. Lifestyles and food habits seem to have gone topsy turvy in our very own life time – blame it on political decisions, economic influences, consumerism or whatever else you wish to blame it on, but I still cannot understand the tipping point when common sense and simple habits went out of the window for concrete, urban choices.

Perhaps I grew up in a home a little out of the ordinary – in a government bungalow surrounded by wild, free growing nature. I spent days bird watching, climbing trees and playing in the mud, and when I wasn’t doing that, it was dreaming about the farms and animals that came alive in my story books. It was an ideal childhood, with sports, hobbies, books and nature playing the biggest influences every day – I was also lucky to have a home without a television until I was quite grown up.

Of course times change, the world becomes busier, everybody is more ambitious, the cities are crowded and traffic doesn’t permit a child to safely bicycle to school anymore.┬áThe internet makes information available in your pocket, and communication has never been faster – one would imagine with everything being so quick and efficient, we would finally have more time to spend on hobbies, reading and eating well.


What happened, then, with all our time?┬áThe many chores that would take hours to do a couple of decades ago, are whizzing by at the speed of lightning – so what exactly are we doing with all that time that we are saving? Why is it that instant foods, junk eatery chains and home delivery options are what we rely on when we ideally should be having a lot of time left at the end of each day to cook a hearty meal?

Somewhere along the way we have stopped using our heads (or our hearts) in the choices we make every day – eating a meal full of ingredients that sound like they came off the periodic table seems more acceptable than carrying grain to the local mill to bring home flour. Having a sustainable lifestyle, or using organic products suddenly seems like a luxury, something one needs to make a special effort for, something that only the rich can afford.

When exactly did we change so much – its hard to tell. But this certainly happened sometime over the last two decades, and somehow most of us continue living our lives without even noticing.