About Slyly Simple

About Us

Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a way to live and eat better! When food is made from carefully selected, natural ingredients, it tastes better - and better eating leads to better living!

Evolving since October 2013, Slyly Simple Gourmet Life represents a number of ways to bring gourmet food to your table.

A decade long career as an engineer in a corporate environment gave Surabhi Ganguly opportunity and experience to travel the world and sample different lifestyles. Her love for food resulted in experiments with flavours and ingredients, and she particularly enjoyed creating honest flavours from natural ingredients. Slyly Simple Gourmet Life is a passionate and personal venture to bring hand crafted, gourmet food into your lives.

When Surabhi brought in her dog, Sultan, she realised that she much preferred the daily sweat and toil of running her own show instead of a regular corporate job - she traded stability for adventure and flexibility and Sultan has been the Slyly Simple mascot ever since!

Slyly Simple started as a venture that manufactures fresh pasta and pasta sauces from scratch, using all natural ingredients like whole wheat flour, free range eggs, organic herbs and spices and premium ingredients. Pasta and pasta sauces are made only to order, and home delivered every week. With this at the core of her venture, Surabhi has since expanded her food interests to make gourmet an everyday event at the dining table!

Surabhi and Sultan live in the hillside outside Pune, and spend their days cooking, inventing new recipes, travelling and enjoying the outdoors. Surabhi has now opened up her family home, always known as The Land, to picnicking groups who would like to have a pleasant day in the countryside. For her, no day is complete without good food, and she has decided to make The Land a social effort by creating Gourmet Picnics at The Land with a set of like minded food enthusiasts. One room in The Land is also set up as a BnB offered to nature friendly couples - Surabhi's love for animals has ensured that The Land remains pet friendly.

This website is a one stop destination for anyone who is hungry, and anybody who thinks they need to begin and end each day with good food! Keep reading, keep in touch, and live the gourmet life!