A quick vegetable fix to every meal, Slyly Simple has created the Dinosauce range of products to add nutrition and value to any meal on the go.
Using organic vegetables, Dinosauce products are made by hand, with careful selection of ingredients and supervision of the production process.
We have created recipes that are free of chilli or pepper, making the flavour friendly even to a toddler's taste buds.

Classic Tomato Sauce

Our classic tomato sauce made from ripe, red tomatoes and basil is a simple favourite typically used with pasta or pizzas. It also makes an excellent soup base, and would certainly work well to build a mild tomato gravy.

Beet Carrot Sauce

Beetroots and carrots with a gentle hit of ginger makes this sauce our absolute favourite. We specially like to use this sauce in sandwiches or pizzas, and it also makes a beautiful sauce to accompany a pasta too.

Mint Peas Spread

Mint, peas and onions together create a fresh and light flavour, making it easy to add a punch of nutrition to any light meal. Best used as a spread in a sandwich or a roll, or dilute down with some stock to make a lovely light soup.

Free of additives, preservatives or any unnatural flavours or colours, we use traditional canning methods to allow our products to withstand a relatively longer shelf life.
Our sealed products do not need to be refrigerated, and are therefore ideal to stock or travel with. Once opened, the jars need to be refrigerated and consumed quickly. Please refer to the specific product instructions before use.

Dinosauce products are currently available through direct purchase from us. They are also sold at The Market by The Wagabond Chefs every month.
Do get in touch with us to get your jar!