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Good food spreads cheer, which is the underlying thought behind every plate of food dished out by The Wagabond Chefs. Tanya Kane and Surabhi Ganguly have been friends since primary school, but it was plates of food in the recent years that created a bond stronger than before. Animal lovers, travel mongers and experience seekers, the two have decided to come together to create a platform that serves delicious, inspired food using premium quality, sustainable and responsibly sourced local ingredients.

Realising that the new generation of children and adolescents are adopting increasingly unhealthy and alarming food trends, The Wagabond Chefs decided to bring their inventiveness to good use by creating fusion flavours that excites children as much as the adults. Health and environment play off one another, and food habits is a defining factor from both points of view, which is why The Wagabond Chefs specially concentrate on creating food that is healthy, local and intriguing to younger audiences.

The food from their kitchen tells stories of travel and experiences, and is inspired by flavours, sights and cultures that they have come across over the years. By sharing this with you on a plate, they hope to share their bond that came from happy cooking!

Services offered:

  • Gourmet Picnics at The Land
  • Custom menus for your special occasion
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Participation in events

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Tanya Kane +91-9823191350
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