The Wagabond Chefs

The Wagabond Chefs is the brainchild of Tanya Kane and Surabhi Ganguly - a cooking partnership that started casually and has since come a long way as a food revolution. Their friendship began on the basketball courts as pre-teens, but it was plates of food in the recent years that created a bond stronger than before.
A qualified economist, Tanya has several brands to her credit, but her work as co-founder of The Paws Pack and RESQ Charitable Trust stands out the most.
Surabhi is an engineer, with a decade long engineering career and a few patents in her name - she now is fully involved in food, sustainability and living a life closer to nature.

Animal lovers, travel mongers and experience seekers, the two have decided to come together to create a platform that serves delicious, inspired food using premium quality, sustainable and responsibly sourced local ingredients.

Realising that the new generation of children and adolescents are adopting increasingly unhealthy and alarming food trends, The Wagabond Chefs decided to bring their inventiveness to good use by creating fusion flavours that excites children as much as the adults. Health and environment play off one another, and food habits is a defining factor from both points of view, which is why The Wagabond Chefs specially concentrate on creating food that is healthy, local and intriguing to younger audiences.

In their quest to look for the very best of ingredients, The Wagabond Chefs found themselves travelling back to the beginning of every food journey - the farms where all food comes from. Over time, they have reached out to a large number of farmers and sustainable food and lifestyle product makers, to bring them together by creating a neighbourhood market in Pune. Their community building initiative has grown every month, with more vendors and consumers coming on board time after time.

In their continuous efforts to increase the awareness about where food comes from, The Wagabond Chefs are creating a number of programs to connect people to the farmer. One such program is The Farm Feast, where people have the opportunity to get an exclusive tour of an organic farm, and can enjoy a custom meal from locally sourced ingredients.

Another effort to bridge the gap between consumer and producer is to create awareness programs, through lecture series, corporate events, school outings and team building exercises. Food is the most common topic that connects people across boundaries and cultures, and they believe that this is the greatest form of empowerment one can have to connect to people across the world. With the intention of making business and personal travel more joyful, they also conduct workshops and training programs to learn how to use food as a medium for cultural experiences.

Every new idea from The Wagabond Chefs is driven by the passion to build a community of people looking to adapt to an organic and sustainable lifestyle. Perhaps this passion to connect is what creates unique and exciting flavours on every plate of food that they serve!

The food from their kitchen tells stories of travel and experiences, and is inspired by flavours, sights and cultures that they have come across over the years. By sharing this with you on a plate, they hope to share their bond that came from happy cooking!

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