Back from a week of travel, and the fridge is completely empty. I am way too lazy to step out for a handful of ingredients, but hunger cannot be ignored so I had to step up my game to create something for lunch. Fortunately for Slyly Simple, I had some ravioli in my freezer, and a little of the special Slyly Simple pasta seasoning. However this recipe could work just as well with any other form of pasta, and even simple salt and pepper! Ingredients10-12 pieces of frozen ravioli 30-40ml olive oil 2 tablespoons sundried tomatoes, chopped 5-6 leaves of dried, crispy sage 2 tablespoons…more


For anyone who has had the infamous dill curry, that is made by cooking dill as one would do spinach or methi in an Indian style, the instant reaction towards this dainty herb is utter disgust. It is a dense, rather revolting dish where the flavour is too strong and bitter and the leaves are limp and in a dense mass. Every bite is painful, and I also had a strong aversion to this vegetable until I realised that it ought to be used the right way – as a herb! Ever since I have rather enjoyed having a pot of dill in my balcony,…more


My first visit to Germany in 2007 had me excited about all the food and specifically the bread that I was sure to enjoy there. I thought I had a European palate, which meant I was bound to enjoy authentic German bread. My first visit to the supermarket saw me loading up on a lovely large loaf of Bauerbrot – a hearty farmers bread that I didn’t imagine could go wrong. I didn’t think to get it sliced, thinking I would probably prefer to slice it as I ate it and didn’t want it to go dry! Later that evening I looked forward to a…more