I took a walk in the garden this morning, and the vegetable patch had three purple aubergines waiting to be harvested. It is the beginning of the monsoons, so organically grown, rain washed, fresh produce is hard to resist, and this is what I ate for lunch! Ingredients 2-3 long aubergines, diced 1 inch ginger, peeled and chopped fine 1 ripe tomato, finely chopped 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 3-4 cloves 1 inch stick of cinnamon 1 bay leaf 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder salt 30ml olive oil 1 wedge of lemon 3-4 sprigs of parsley Method Toss the aubergine in half a teaspoon of salt and…more


Being based out of The Land inspires me to use the freshest ingredients in every meal I eat. This melon had been lying in the kitchen a couple of days, waiting for me to experiment with it, and this is what I came up with! Coupled with a load of parmesan cheese, and farm fresh herbs, this dish is a light delight! Ingredients 1/2 ripe melon, deseeded, peeled and cubed 1 red chilli a handful of fresh basil, chopped 30g butter 30g parmesan cheese – grated or finely chopped 1/2 inch ginger, crushed salt to taste MethodBlend the melon cubes to make a coarse puree…more


The summer has been unbearably hot in Pune, and the only foods that appear tempting is fruit. Although we are in June already, the monsoon hasn’t set in yet, so fruits continue to be the hottest ingredient in the pantry! Using mango in the gravy for this matar paneer creates the acidity and sweetness that highlights the tropical weather! Ingredients 1 semi ripe totapuri mango, peeled and diced 1 inch ginger, peeled and crushed 1/2 cup green peas 1-2 green chillies, chopped fine 1 piece dried kokum 2 teaspoons cumin seeds 50g fresh paneer, cut into cubes 30ml oil 1-1.5 cup water 1-2 teaspoon salt…more


It has been too hot to stand near the stove for too long, and this means there is the real danger of falling back on instant meals and junk food! I realised my eating patterns were going awry and decided to make sure my fridge is stocked with some nutrition packed hummus, so I can get easy, instant meals without making it unhealthy! Ingredients 1 cup black eyed peas, soaked overnight and then boiled in salted water, retain the water 1 cup fresh fenugreek or methi, blanched 3-4 cloves garlic 1-2 green chillies salt 50-60ml olive oil MethodPut the methi into a food processor, and…more


Hot summer days somehow make it necessary to have a colourful plate of food! Stir fried vegetables, that are cooked just enough to have a crisp crunch, with a light sauce seems to be just right. I like to have a piece of bread or half a bagel alongside to complete the meal, so this little dish fit the bill perfectly! Ingredients1 medium broccoli, cut into florets. Save the stalk to make a soup/stock some other time. 1/2 red bell pepper, sliced 50g fresh paneer, cubed (fresher the better) 3-4 cloves garlic 1 red bird chilli, sliced 1/2 inch ginger, peeled and crushed 2 teaspoons…more


When we were children, we regularly we served fresh pasta and pizza made from scratch at home, and our sauces and toppings often had vegetables like spinach and aubergine in it. We made a face too, just like anyone else – but travelling through Europe made me realise that a lot of pasta and pizza dishes use a variety of vegetables. This dish with aubergine and turnip has punch, bite and flavour. Ingredientspasta of your choice, cooked 1 tomato, diced fine 3-4 cloves garlic 30-50ml extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup aubergine, diced 1/4 cup turnip, quartered and sliced 1/2 onion roughly chopped 1/4 cup…more


This meal is actually inspired by the Burmese Khao Suey, where a thick gravy is poured over a nice mix of noodles and toppings. I wished to create a thick vegetarian broth that could be poured over a pretty bowl of crunchy vegetables, such that each mouthful had a distinct flavour with the broth holding it all together. This meal possibly tastes best at room temperature, or even a tad cold – which is what makes it an amazing summer meal. Ingredients1 broccoli, cut into small florest. Chop up the stem separately to make use in the broth. 4-5 pieces of sundried tomatoes 1/4 shavings…more


Local Indian vegetables tend to make us think of the regular curries, gravies and masalas we have always associated them with. I rarely end up stocking these vegetables in my fridge, simply because i love experimenting with fusion flavours and I never thought of trying that out with the likes of a ridged gourd! This experiment in my kitchen surprised me, as it probably will surprise anyone who reads it, but I can now promise to come up with many more similar unusual combinations based on the success of this one! Ingredients 1 ridge gourd juice of 1 orange 4-5 cloves of garlic 1-2 dried…more


One reason I dont cook drumsticks often is because eating it is a pain. Every bit needs to be opened and scooped out individually, and it is rather had to do that elegantly. But I do enjoy the nutty flavour of this vegetable, so decided to bite the bullet and make this dish. This dish is simple and light, and works beautifully on a hot evening with a portion of sticky rice (or any other rice). Ingredients 2 drumsticks, peel off the rough skin and cut into 2-inch pieces 3-4 medium potatoes, peeled and diced 1 chopped onion 2 tablespoons peanuts (roasted peanuts preferred) 1…more


Another party recipe, that works well alongside just about anything, and adds vegetarian and vegan nutrition to your menu! Once you have the basics in place with some soaked beans, you could jazz it up with just about anything that has been lying in your refrigerator! This recipe has the vegetables that we lying in mine! Ingredients1 cup black eyed peas, soaked for at least 4 hours (you could use chickpeas or any other whole bean instead) 1/4 cup beans, chopped fine 1/2 cup baby corn, diced tender coconut from one coconut, sliced into slivers or bits 1/4 cup parsley, chopped 1/4 cup mint, chopped…more